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What’s the difference between a Pre-Qualified Home Shopper and a person off the street looking for a home? It’s vast. Ask any Realtor. They’ll tell you that home sellers have little interest in dealing with shoppers who haven’t been pre-qualified by a lender. Today, the pre-qualified buyer rules. They have negotiating power and their offers carry much more weight.

The Meadowbrook Pre-Qual

When you pre-qualify at Meadowbrook for a purchase loan, realtors know that you’ve been accepted by the best. They know that you are a serious shopper with the ability to afford any home within your pre-qualified range.

Get Pre-Qualified Fast! It all begins by speaking with a Meadowbrook licensed mortgage professional. This is someone with thorough knowledge of the financial programs and with the ability to present you with a host of options. Just take a moment to fill out the quick form on the right and we’ll take it from there.

Congratulations, and welcome to the Meadowbrook family.

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